Time flies.

Is it just me or have the last couple of weeks of summer just flown by? We’ve been having unseasonably cool weather here too, which makes me realize that fall is coming sooner than I expected. I know I haven’t been around here much; can I make it up to you with cute kid pictures?

Is that better? Need some more cuteness before we move on? Let’s try this one.

We took our sweet time painting the living room and ended up using Behr Ivory Mist contrary to all your awesome advice. Once I got  a larger sample of the Behr Canyon Cloud up I realized that it was way too yellow. I’m super happy with the way it turned out. I’d show off better pictures, but we had to move all the furniture out of the sunroom so we could add trim and repaint in there so our living room is looking a little less than put together.


We’ve decided that the sunroom needs to be a more devoted play space for Lucy so the black Hemnes bookcases that lived in there have moved out (permanently?) into the living room. I’m a little bummed about how dark they make the space feel, especially since we were working on lightening things up, but once I put away all the books and take some extra furniture to the storage locker I might be able to get used to it. It’s raining today so Lucy and I are cozied up in the house doing millions of loads of laundry and tidying up. I should say, Lucy’s watching cartoons while I do the rest. We did leave to run a few errands though and yes, I do make her wear pants when we leave the house.

A little rain can’t hold us back!

Am I the only one pining for fall? Where are you all storing your books? I feel like they are taking over my house!




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  1. If you can bear it, get rid of as many books as possible at a second hand store or the library. Keep the bookshelves full to almost overflowing – that’s what I do. I try to keep my favorites and lend out or donate the rest. I also have a few boxes of books around.

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