Lightening up.

Today I’m trying to pick new paint for the living room and sharing a sneak peak of the new trim (loving it!) There was no crown molding and we replaced the very basic door trim with casing and small crown.


It’s obviously hard to judge such subtle differences in color on your computer, but do you guys have any thoughts? I’m leaning towards Canyon Cloud, but I could be convinced that Ivory Mist was the way to go. Canyon Cloud is less fleshy than the Linen White and it’s definitely lighter than our existing paint color that you can see on the right side of the first pic. I basically want an ivory or cream color to provide a little contrast for our bright white glossy trim while keeping the room as light as possible.

I still haven’t settled on a paint-plan for the porch either. I hate painting. I know, I know, DIY-ers and home renovators are supposed to love painting and I do love its transformative power, I just hate actually painting. Any suggestions for fabulous white paint?

Hope you all are well,


7 responses

  1. Canyon cloud has my vote. The ivory mist doesn’t provide much visible contrast to highlight the molding, and the linen white seems too peachy to me, at least on an iPhone screen. Best wishes with painting; if I were there I would help with edging which is my favorite paint-related job.

  2. Hi Helen, I love what you are doing to your home. I agree on the Canyon Cloud. My computer says it is great with the trim. Good luck with your decision. The molding is pitch perfect.

    All the best,

    Caryl on McDaniel and Payne

  3. Well… of course, I have an opinion… But mostly, a question. With a preface. [Of course.]
    You’ll experience plenty of “contrast” once any non-white / non-glossy finish is applied to the walls. Promise. Contrast will happen.
    My question: do you favor yellow? Yellow’ish’ness? Because the cloud color is much more yellow than the ivory. And… when you think about “the other things” you may plan to add to the room [slip covers come to mind] in my never-too-subtle opinion, I’d say — if you don’t already HAVE the upholstery to hold up against the paint chips [I did, in Philly — it hugely influenced my decisions] — I would strongly urge you to shy away from the Linen [everybody’s already pretty much nailed that: too peachy = too much pink and too much yellow] and the Canyon Cloud. It’s a beautiful color — don’t get me wrong — but — when I think of the ochres, yellows, siennas that the “canyon” reflects up into the clouds in Arizona…? Those clouds are ‘yellow’er than the mists of Ivory [much more neutral].
    That’s my comment, mum. WHATEVER you do — enjoy it. I am LOVING the photos of the Contractor and the Pig Tailed Helper. Oh, my. XO

    • I totally know what you mean, which is why I was drawn to the neutral ivory mist. It’s one of the whites from the green/brown choices, but I think it just isn’t quite providing enough contrast. Ughhh. Choosing paint is so hard! I think I should order a fabric sample from the slipcover company, but I’ll probably be done painting by the time it gets here…

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