I think they call this “scope creep”

You know when you start a small project and it gradually balloons into an entire multi-room renovation? Oh wait, you don’t? You must be much more organized and disciplined than I am. Enclosing our porch has blossomed into a complete first floor re-do.

It’s really easy to keep adding things to the to-do list and if you follow me on Pinterest, you probably have a hint of the next project we’ve undertaken.

Since our carpenter had to put up new drywall in two rooms (more about that here) we have to repaint, and since we’re repainting we might as well add trim, right? Right. It just so happens that Sean is a master trim carpenter so he has great ideas for what kind of trim we can add. The plan now is to add crown molding to both the sunroom and living room, add casing to the doorways, and wrap the existing beams in the living room.


Our beams are pretty plane-jane now.

Trim-work is so transformative. I’m so glad we’re doing it now, even if it extends the chaos a little. Whatever original trim existed in our house was removed by a previous owner and it feels. so. good. to put it back. We’re keeping most of the profiles pretty simple because we don’t have super high ceilings. I love ornate trim, but ours is a simple little house.

I fantasize about this…


but our house is more suited to trim like this…


I’m so excited. Trim is like the accessory that makes the outfit; it shows that your house is more than just four walls and a ceiling.


Yay, progress!


Hope you all are well, and staying cool.


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