heat wave.

Did you have a nice holiday? We did, though it was mind-numbingly hot.

We watched a parade.

We retreated to air conditioning and played with some donated toys

We even risked the beach one morning when we couldn’t stand being inside anymore.

Pk came home from his last international trip with a terrible bug, and it looks like Lucy and I are going to spend the weekend nursing a summer cold. Luckily I have lots of reading to do and have finally had a moment to catch up on a few articles that friends have recommended. This one struck a cord, if only because I’m not busy, and often feel unaccountably guilty when I say so. This one is interesting too, and the comments are amusing.

Hope you all are well. If we can clean up ourselves enough to head to home depot we should be picking paint colors for the living room and sunroom this weekend. What are  you all doing this weekend?



3 responses

  1. ha ha
    I “knew” which two “articles” you’d linked, before I clicked ’em. You…
    Hydrate. Be Happy. Best cure I can imagine.

  2. We had a busy and hot weekend too–and I totally thought of you on Sunday morning! We were strolling the neighborhood looking at all the “for sale” signs (yep–we’re starting the house hunt!), and all of a sudden I realized we were walking right past your place! The porch looks great 🙂

    • House hunting is so fun! We love our neighborhood. I can’t wait until we finish all our house projects so we can get out and enjoy it ( and not have the ugliest house in the hood!)

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