Go drywall, go!

Over the weekend Pk and I took Lucy on her first trip “behind the cheddar curtain” to the Road America Racetrack in Elkhart Lake, Wisonsin.

She may have screamed  CAR, VROOM VROOM! every. time. a. car. went. by. Which, when you’re at a racing event, happens a lot. It was really fun. Unfortunately the car that Pk’s company sponsors crashed, but luckily the driver wasn’t badly hurt. I think that car racing is possibly the most expensive and dangerous hobby a person could have, but it’s hard not to feel the thrill when the cars go roaring by at 150 mph. It’s loud!

When we got home, this is what we found.

Sean, our contractor, decided that since the house was empty it was a good time to level our living room walls. If you can’t tell from the picture, the main wall in the living room was diving toward the front of the house. That wall divides the office/sunroom from the rest of the living room, so both sides had to be shimmed and drywalled. The crooked wall was making hanging our new front door really difficult, so rather than hang a crooked door in a crooked wall, Sean took one for the team and shimmed the entire wall and added new drywall.

There wasn’t really anything wrong with our old door, in fact, we installed it when we moved into the house (our house was a foreclosure and essentially had boarded up doors when we moved in.) We decided to put in a new (well, new to us) door with glass to take advantage of the great light from the new porch.

Maya loves the almost finished porch. It looks great- trim is almost done, we just need to paint the walls, and clearcoat the floors and ceiling.

Here’s the view of the new door from the porch. We bought our door from our local rebuilding warehouse. It’s probably at least a hundred years old and was salvaged from an old house in a nearby suburb. It’s also solid wood (and two inches thick!) The glass is original too; full of waves and imperfections. It definitely fits the character and age of this house and fits in with the kind of cottage-y vibe of the porch.I think we’ll paint the door rather than stain it. I’m thinking white for the interior, but maybe something more bold for the view looking in from the porch? Not sure yet.

I was feeling really good about the porch progress until it extended into re-drywalling part of the living room and sunroom. Now we need to repaint both those rooms because the original paint is no longer available. I guess I should just look at it as an opportunity to redecorate, but it seems like a daunting task right now. At least the beautiful weather makes it easy to get away from the mess!

Hope you all are well


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