Island time.

I decided, after posting pics of the new kitchen, that our island was looking a little boring.

So I went to Home Depot and picked up some bead board paneling that compliments the cabinets, but doesn’t exactly match. I came home with this stuff. I was a little freaked out about the fact that it’s plastic, but it really looks perfect. It’s also being installed in an area that’s prone to being touched by sticky hands so I love that I can wipe it clean without worry. We got really lucky that allvthe shades of white match.

Sean took a break from trimming out the porch to install the tongue and grooved pieces.He used a brad nailer, but you could also use a panel adhesive if you wanted.  We installed it directly over the existing panel.


I think it looks great!

Sorry for the awful lighting. I was a bit eager to snap and share. We still have to fill a couple nail holes too.

This is definitely an easy way to update plain cabinet panels. It also can be installed as traditional wall wainscoting and would be perfect in a bathroom since it isn’t susceptible to mold or mildew.  I’m really pleased with it. It adds a nice kind of cottage-y vibe to the kitchen.




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