The Kitchen.

It’s done*.

I love it.

You can see some before pics here.

There really isn’t anything I would change about it. I love our cabinetry (Martha Stewart ‘Dunemere’ in Picket Fence) We saved ourselves a lot of headache and expense by not changing our layout at all. We had already purchased our appliances when we moved into the house, but did buy a new refrigerator, microwave (in the pantry), garbage disposer, and range hood. I’d guess, all together, this kitchen probably cost us about $13k (gulp). That’s for new cabinets, hardware, quartz countertops, sink, faucets, backsplash, light fixtures, the appliances I just mentioned, and some of the installation labor. The biggest functional improvement to the kitchen is the addition of the range hood and garbage disposer. We do a lot of high heat cooking and having a hood that vents to the outside of the house is a godsend, not to mention fewer episodes of setting off the fire alarm. Doing dishes is always a chore, but having a disposer eliminates the always gross job of cleaning out the sink trap. The next functionality award winner is the island. Our stainless Ikea table was great, but low open storage with a toddler was a nightmare! Now there is a (childproofed) place for everything. We also put the island on casters in case we ever need to move a big piece of furniture upstairs. The mini-subway tile backsplash is soooooo much nicer than our grease spattered walls. Choosing cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling makes the room feel taller and gives us great additional storage. The cabinet hardware (Duluth from Restoration Hardware) is just the icing on the cake. Seriously. I love everything about this kitchen. It’s totally worth every penny and such a pleasure to cook in.

What do you guys think? You like? I’d love to hear from you.

* Looking at these pics made me realize that the island would look great if it had bead-board panel instead of flat. I bought some today. We also still have to add quarter round to the base shoe on the cabinets. Sigh.

** Our fridge is incredibly out of level. It’s so out of level that we can’t just use the leveling feet to correct it; we have to deal with the floor itself. Not sure when that will happen.

Partial source list here.

32 responses

  1. Gorgeous, Helen! I just pinned it since my mom’s looking to redo her kitchen and was looking for modern, simple white cabinets that come in glass pane and panel fronts. Perfect reference for how get they can look! xoxo

  2. Your kitchen looks beautiful! I’m getting ready to do mine and I just ordered the same cabinets. Where did you get the subway tile? It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

    • Thanks! We’re so happy with it. I got the backsplash tile at Home Depot. It’s by Daltile and I love the way it turned out. A word of warning; it was difficult to install because the adhesive mesh is really chunky and needed to be trimmed in spots. It takes a little extra work, but worth it. Good luck with your reno!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and your kitchen looks amazing! Thanks for all the inspiration. I think we are going to DIY a black pipe dining table this weekend!

  4. I too am just finding your blog. I love your uncluttered design style. I’ll be doing something very similar with my kitchen only I’m currently leaning toward Caesarstone (Nougat) on the counters. I too want an exposed stainless range hood and like the line on yours. Could you give me the details on that?

    • Hi Jeannine. Thanks! Here is the hood we used It’s also available in 30″ width if you have a standard sized range. Our contractor added trim and crown around the seam between the hood vent and the ceiling for a more finished look. I love the light tone of the Nougat. We used a similar Silestone product in our last house and the light color still looks fantastic. Good luck with your kitchen renovation.

      • I actually plan on putting in a 36″ cooktop so I’m glad to hear yours was that size because it looks beautiful. I noticed the great molding around the top and am adding that to my ideas as well. I was thinking of extending the white subway tile backsplash all the way to the ceiling behind the cooktop and having that molding up there will give it a place to end nicely. I don’t think I’ve seen that before but It’s looks great. I just love that luster you get from the white subway and the stainless hood. I’m so grateful to bloggers like you who share their experiences because it makes it easier for the rest of us. Thanks for your hood info.

    • Hi Karah,
      I don’t mind at all! We paid just under 5k for our cabinets. That was with a 10% off promotion from Home Depot and a coupon for $900 off when you spent more than $5k on cabinetry. So it would have been about $6500 full price. That includes cabinets, filler panels, end pieces and crown moulding. I’d say they were fairly easy to install except that our old house has sloping ceilings and floors. It was certainly easier than assembling cabinets from Ikea which we did in another house. I’d say the quality is a smidge better than Ikea – the drawers and fittings are very high quality.
      Hope that helps!

    • Oh my gosh not at all! If I had paintable cabinets and liked the layout I would have totally done that. Our previous kitchen cabinets were laminate and couldn’t be painted. Check out Rosa Beltran designs or Young House Love for great examples of painted kitchen cabinets.

    • Hi Kevin,
      The floor is red oak. The English chestnut has a lot of red undertones in it. Sometimes I wish we had gone with walnut instead, but overall I really love the color.

  5. Love your Kitchen! I am meeting with a KD today at home depot to plan out my Martha Stuart Kitchen Cabinets. That’s how I came across yuor fantastic blog!

    Would you mind giving us an update on how well the purestyle doors are holding up and if your have any bubbling/peeling?

    Thanks soo much!

    • Hi Heather,
      We haven’t had any problems with bubbling or peeling. We have a very well ventilated kitchen which probably helps control any moisture issues that might cause bubbling (has that been a problem with these cabinets?) I will say that we are pretty hard on them and so there are a few nicks and scratches, but that is totally our doing and not a reflection of the cabinets. If you are in the market for affordable cabinets I think these are a good choice. Have fun planning your new kitchen!

      • Thanks so much for the quick reply! There are a few reviews on line of bubbling and peeling but it seems like with anything only the negative feedback is supplied. People with great results are happy and don’t think to leave a review. I am happy to hear that the cabinets are holding up and you are enjoying them.

        What interior storage items are your favorite? I love all the options, are they as great in real life as they look online? One entire wall of my kitchen will be windows overlooking the lake so I will not have much in the way of upper cabinets. The storage options are what got me interested in these cabinets.

    • Hi Maggie, thank you! The sink is the kohler whitehaven, purchased from the Home Depot website. It’s very roomy! I’d recommend purchasing the sink bottom protector that Kohler sells as well to protect from scratches and stains. We use Bon Ami to clean it ( it’s enameled cast iron.)

  6. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the contrast between the counters and cabinets. We’re considering the Marengo countertops for our kitchen reno, but my husband was able to scratch the sample at Home Depot with his tungsten ring and now isn’t sure about it. Are you still happy with your choice? Any scratches or anything? Thanks!

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