decisions, decisions.

Backsplash time.

I had always assumed we would use basic white subway tile (on the right) for our backsplash, but our local Home Depot had this awesome brickwork mosaic tile (on the left). I think the small scale complements our petite kitchen. As for grout, I think we will play it safe and go with white, especially because there will be so many more grout lines.

Now we just need to work up the energy to get it done!


4 responses

  1. Totally love the smaller scale tile on the left.
    Um… totally would avoid the white grout, but that’s just me… we chose a lighter-shade of grout when I did my Philly Mexican-Tile job… and I regretted it not long after. Soooooo much harder to keep clean — and, once a little grease gets in there, you’ll be watching’ that ‘spot’ for the rest of the time you cook [and eat and play and clean and…] in that kitchen. Um… I’d go with a darkish-grey — sort of rhymes with your wall color[s]… But that’s just me! xoxoxo

    • I agree that the darker grout is more practical, but I’m worried that the darker lines will look too busy. Maybe adding the stainless backsplash behind the oven will help?

  2. Hello my friend! Miss you and Lucy already. Hope you’re having a great week and hope to see you soon!

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