Lucy’s Room, part deux

This weekend, Peter and I stumbled upon an fantastic thrifty find – a gorgeous metal antique twin bed frame. It will be perfect for Lucy’s big girl bed, and the price was definitely right at $65.

Yes, this picture was taken on our still unfinished porch. No,I don’t want to talk about it.

Really it’s just a headboard and a foot board, because the owner of the shop misplaced the rails (darn!) but I think we will be able to attach them to a standard metal bed frame. I think it’s brass but I’m not sure…

It’s got loads of character, and I especially love that it has casters.

I’ve been thinking about transitioning Lucy to a bigger bed for a while now, in the hopes that it will help her stay in her own bed for more of the night. She hates sleeping in her crib, and as soon as she stirs and realizes she is in her crib, she immediately calls out to us. I love co-sleeping, but maybe this way I can snuggle in her bed instead and we can wake up Peter less? Hopefully. I don’t think I’ll need to change much else in her room, but I’ll probably want to update a few accessories.

I’d love to get this quilt and sham that I saw on Ohdeedoh last week, but it looks like it’s no longer available on the Garnet Hill website.

Any suggestions for where to find cute twin bedding? Am I crazy for trying to move her into a twin bed already? We will definitely use a bed rail to keep her from rolling out of bed.


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  1. Hi love!
    I so enjoy your blog!
    I moved my oldest and middle boys into a double bed when they were 3.5 and 1.5. At first I had the mattress on the floor do they could get used to the parameters of the bed without a big dro. They love their big bed.

    • Brig! It’s so cute that the boys sleep together! I love the idea of having a cuddle with her on the bed. She’s way to big to snuggle in her rocking chair now 😦

  2. i have yet to take the plunge but know that it has been done successfully by a few of my friends at this age. Like you said use a rail etc.
    It might be good to do it now though so she doesn’t think she can just get out of it and walk around her room or down the hall, my neighbor and i were trying to figure out at what age they realize they can get down and aren’t confined to the bed and then what to do at that point to keep them in there, especially if they get up before you in the morning.

    Also, co-sleeping is fun, but it hurt my back too much, dont know how you have done it for so long!

    let me know how it goes! wondering when to do it with S

    • I’ve been a little worried about the wandering around thing too. We have a gate on the stairs, but maybe we will have to get in the habit of shutting the bathroom door at night too. I think she would call out for us before she got up, and hopefully the bedrail would prevent that all together. I think we might pick up a twin mattress this weekend!

  3. would you ever consider selling the white vanity. i’ve been looking forever because they no longer have it anywhere. i’d pay a higher price. $200? ~holly

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