This is not a post about the kitchen.

It’s about actually having a little weekend family time. Pk is home from another around the world trip and he wisely suggested that we take the little miss to the Shedd Aquarium. We had a blast. It’s obscenely expensive to enter into all the special exhibits so we were cheap thrifty, and bought general admission tickets that only let you see the permanent collection. I’ve heard the Jellies exhibit is worth the extra dough, but 16 month olds have pretty short attention spans.

Lucy had a blast. It took a little while for her to warm up, but once she realized the fish stay behind the glass, she really enjoyed herself.

The objects of her affection…

We obviously weren’t the only people who thought that the aquarium was a great idea for a toddler on a rainy day. The place was absolutely packed with families and strollers. Lucy ran from tank to tank until she was absolutely exhausted.

After about an hour of careening off the knees of strangers and bouncing off displays, this is how we all felt.

Our trip was totally worth the post-visit exhaustion – I mean really, look at that face.

Sometimes it seems like time is hurtling by. Lucy is so active now, but it seems like just yesterday she was a little smushy newborn. I’ve loved every stage of Lucy’s development, but it’s really fun to watch her interact with the world in such a physical way.

Did you guys do anything fun today?

xx – H

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