On (the) Vanity

So, do you remember that awesome chair that was across from Ikea Aspelund Wardrobe in our bedroom?

You know, this one?

I love that chair y’all. I got it for $30 dollars at a Salvation Army store a few years ago. That wildly embossed Suzani fabric just called out to me. I’m sure in its hey day, that custom upholstered chair cost it’s owner a pretty penny and for a while, it worked in the bedroom. Lately it’s just become a place to throw laundry and since I ditched a dresser in favor of a wardrobe I’ve had no place to put all my little tchotchkes. I’ve had my eye out for a while now, hoping I would miraculously stumble upon a table exactly the right size for my little nook, but no luck. This week, whilst cruising my local Target I stumbled upon a vanity on clearance for $79 bucks, and I couldn’t pass it up!

oh, hi little table. You’re so cute. and empty.

The first order of business was to replace the super basic knobs with some fun ones from Anthropologie. Done.

Then I took all the drawers out of my jewelry box to create drawer organization for the table. I also added my little make-up bag. I don’t usually wear makeup, but for those occasions when I do, it will be so nice to have a proper mirror rather than leaning over the edge of my bathroom sink.

Next, I added some little things to the top, like a couple of bowls  (made by a local potter) to hold my frequently worn jewelry, my super rad ceramic pig iphone speaker set from West Elm, a little glass tray for perfumes, and one of my very most favorite pics of me and Pk.

It’s so nice to have a little spot for all my doodads! It feels a little glamorous to have a proper dressing table too.

Now all I need is a proper chair. Any suggestions? I like the airiness of this one, but I feel a little guilty buying  a knock-off of the real thing. I’m not opposed to color, especially since both the wardrobe and the vanity are white, but it’s a small space, so the scale has to be right.

Hopefully I can tackle some of our kitchen punch list this weekend, but since Pk is out of town it might not happen. Projects involving paint and toddlers don’t mix. Does that ever happen to you guys? You get 90% of the way finished with a major project, but the last 10% takes the longest to accomplish?

Maybe I’ll hit up some of my favorite thrift stores in search of a little boudoir chair instead. The world is my oyster.

Hope you all are well,


4 responses

  1. Ohhh… I love it! I especially adore the pretty storage solutions you have. 🙂 And those knobs? Love love love!

  2. Hi Hel! So glad I stumbled on this – I think a pretty (maybe skirted?) stool would be great if it’s the right height and it wouldn’t take up as much visual space as a chair. Maybe you could even find one with storage inside? PS: I heart you 🙂 xo Fraser

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