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  1. Hi! I just have a quick question that I’m wondering if you can help me with. I’m thinking of getting your same awesome (Gianna) rug to put under our kitchen table. It says that it’s easy to clean…and it’s SO beautiful:-) So, I just wondered how it’s holding up for you. My husband is afraid it’s too “flimsy” and blanket like for under the table (and hard to clean). What do you think? Do you have a rug pad underneath it? Your help is so appreciated if you have the time. Thanks so much!

    Wendy Clark

    • Hi Wendy,
      I gotta say, I’m never a big fan of rugs under kitchen tables because they are too hard to maintain (especially in a house with a toddler!). That said, I think this rug would be a good choice because it’s easy to clean, and the thinness won’t interfere with chairs the way a pile rug would. So far ours has held up really well and its seen a lot of abuse (and dog barf.) It cleans up with soap and water and the pattern hides anything that doesn’t wash out. We have a cheap rug pad from World Market underneath. If you do use it, I would be diligent about flipping and rotating it so it wears evenly. I hope that helps!

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