It was coming from under the sink.

So. We’re still waiting for countertops. sigh. But, bless his heart, our carpenter extraordinaire Sean has temporarily connected our plumbing so we could actually use our beautiful new sink (hallelujah!) The creepy blue light you see is actually our new under-counter water filtration system.

 We’ve been using a Brita pitcher for years, but I’ve always hated leaving it out on the counter. I found the Zuvo water filtration system online and was thrilled that the faucet was actually attractive. It also comes in several different finishes and a few different faucet styles. We went with satin nickel to match our other fixtures and hardware.The Zuvo system uses a five step filtration process that you can read more about here. Obviously the most interesting thing about it is the uv light. Thankfully it’s not always on (’cause that would be weird) – the light only turns on when you actually turn on the faucet. You only have to change the filter every six months and it’s comparable in price to the other water filtration systems you would find at your local home supply store. I bought ours through amazon after ran out of the satin finish. Also, the water also tastes great! Sometimes our tap water can taste strongly of chlorine, especially after a big rainstorm (and the water treatment facility adds more chemicals to disinfect the runoff.) We love it.

Lucy is also totally obsessed with it*

* Don’t worry! The uv light isn’t dangerous unless the bare bulb is exposed (for example, when you are changing the filter.) I promise I’m not letting her go blind. She barged in on the photo shoot and I couldn’t resist snapping these pics of her checking it out.

I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the kitchen! Hopefully our countertops will be installed this coming week. In the meanwhile we’ve been unpacking and getting ready to paint the rest if the room (which is why if you look closely you can see that we left the protective plastic coating on the cabinets until we are done) This weekend is Pk’s birthday and hopefully we can keep the kitchen work to a minimum and actually spend some time celebrating.

Have a great weekend!


  • p.s. This isn’t a sponsored post and all the feelings and descriptions above are my own. I just really like this thing and wanted to share.

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  1. I do not currently use a water ioltratfin system. I did,however, about fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, something broke down and for some unexplainable reason I didn’t replace it with anything but just returned to drinking regular water but I really regret that mistake now. [That’s fifteen years of unfiltered water…dumb.]

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