thrifty finds – pint sized

We found some treasures on our local thrifty adventures. Lucy sized treasures.

1. A super cute wooden doll stroller. This was obviously lovingly made by someone’s handy grandpa, but it’s in rough shape. $8

Hopefully I can just put in a new basket with some cute fabric. I just have to find a basket that will fit!

2. A wooden play kitchen. I loooove this thing. The knobs turn, it has a plastic oven window, adjustable shelves, and a removable play sink. I bought it as a set with a fridge, but until we have space for a play room in the basement, the play-fridge will live in the garage. $125 – a little spendy, but I’ve seen similar sets for upwards of $300. and of course – I didn’t have to assemble it.

3. My personal favorite, a child sized vintage roll-top desk. I couldn’t love this thing more.  The roll-top is lined with the sweetest floral fabric and the drawers work perfectly. $38

This one will be living in the storage space until Lucy is a little older. I love that it shows some love from it’s previous owner and I can’t wait for the peanut to add some scribbles of her own. I totally picture her storing little treasures in the cubbies and filling the drawers with arts and crafts supplies.

The kitchen is plugging along, just waiting on the countertops to be fabricated and installed and a few other odds and ends.

My plumber is taking forever 🙂

Any thrifty finds lately? I find that I have to go pretty frequently to find the best stuff, but when it rains – it pours!

Hope you all are well.

xx- H


3 responses

  1. What a cute play kitchen!
    my son hardly uses his now…but whenever we go to his cousin’s house, its the first thing he attacks! She has more food and stuffs…we have so many trucks…so I get it

  2. I love the way this turned out! Just found your blog on Metamorphasis Monday and am raelly enjoying looking thru your posts. You have a great sense of style!

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