in just spring…

Is it spring where you are?

It’s a strange and wonderful warm week here in the midwest. Never before have I spent Saint Patrick’s Day at the beach. We picnicked with friends and soaked up some rays. It was absolutely balm for my lonely soul. It was amazing to see how enthralled Lucy was by the beach.

Lucy is equally enthralled by her new baby Chucks. She requests them everyday by grabbing them out of the shoe basket and trying to put them on.

The warm weather inspired me to look for some new couch cushions and I stumbled upon this one at World Market.

 I like the little pops of pink and navy blue. It feels like a good bright pattern for spring and summer, but the colors are still really rich and saturated. I love the navy and pink combo. It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but while our kitchen project is dragging along I’m looking for a little pick me up.

I haven’t actually taken it out of the bag though because our Ikea Manstad sofa is in rough shape and in serious need of a deep cleaning. I found a fantastic website that makes slipcovers for Ikea pieces (even ones like ours that didn’t originally come with them) call bemz. It’s cheaper than buying a new sofa and being able to wash the slipcover would be a dream come true in this (dirty) house. We are definitely not at a time in our lives where buying a new sofa makes sense.

I think a neutral cotton would be the best (and least expensive) option. There are sooooo many choices though, and quite a few trendy prints if you are feeling adventurous.

Our kitchen is moving along. The base cabinets are in, countertops have been measured and ordered, and  the rest of the trim is going in this week. Hopefully I’ll have more pictures soon. It’s gonna look amazing.

Hope you all are well. My mister is coming home tomorrow and I’m so, so, so excited to see him.



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  1. I love that pillow! I wonder if there are any more stil at World Market…it would be perfect in our bedroom! Great find 🙂

    Oh, and I too have toyed with the idea of getting a custom IKEA slipcover (we have the EKTORP sofa and several other IKEA pieces). There are a couple other places that do them besides Bemz. I wrote a short blog post about it awhile back if you’re interested!

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