the weekend…

was awesome and awful.

awesome because I got to spend time with these two …

and got to celebrate my baby brother turning 4 (!)

awful because we spent part of the weekend mornings cleaning off grafitti from the fence on our rental house, and from the street signs across from our house. Lame.

Also awful because Pk left for a long international work trip tonight and I already miss him terribly. And, classic me, I was super crabby and impatient with him all weekend, for no real reason. Shame on me. Am I the only one that picks fights with their spouse because they are leaving? I know for sure that I would not make a good military wife. There is no way I could survive a deployment. Hats off to you single moms, too. I really admire your strength.

So I’ll be holding down the fort this week by myself. Hopefully making progress on the kitchen will distract me from feeling lonely!

What did you all do this weekend? Anything fun?

I mean really. Who could be mad at this guy?

2 responses

  1. Oh! That little curl of her leg when she took that step is sending me to the moon.
    [How ’bout next time Pete leaves, you bring the Lu to LA for a visit? We could hike and beach and snuggle…?

    My weekend was packed with theatre, both seen and rehearsed. “Mine” at Theatre Asylum, starring my pal Sam Daly on Friday, and (the AMAZING) “Marisol” at The Art of Acting studio starring my gal Katharine Deering on Saturday. And I’ve been rehearsing six hours a day for “1969”, which opens on the 23rd at Rogue Machine’s Theatre/Theatre. 🙂 Aaaand, hm, I went to a wedding reception at a pretty restaurant during my lunch break from rehearsal today, and then hosted the weekly rehearsal for my ladies’ “choir” (called ‘LadyVox’), which always ends up with us bunch of girls in a wino heap on the floor. We recorded a cover of Tune-Yards’ “Fiya” before that happened, though. A good ditty…

    So…happy…Missing you two girls. You, too, Traveling Sir.

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