Kitchen update

Hi friends. Sorry for the long pause in posting. I wanted to actually make some progress on the kitchen before I shared here. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

kitchen before. This was Saturday morning.

We spent all day Saturday packing up the contents of the cabinets, only leaving out what we absolutely needed for a temp kitchen. We also got rid of quite a bit of stuff that we don’t use.

Here’s how things were looking Sunday night. The stove, sink and dishwasher are all still connected which is making this the least disruptive kitchen reno possible.

Sean had to run ductwork to the outside wall for the new range hood. Once that was in, the new upper cabinets could be hung!

It’s been slow going hanging the uppers because the walls in this old house are no kind of plumb or level.

Here’s where things are today

A little chaotic, but manageable. The stainless island has become our temp kitchen and Sean is running new electric for the lighted cabinets that will go where the old wardrobe was. The new base cabinets will probably go in this weekend before Pk leaves for another long work trip.

I’m soooooooo excited about the new cabinets. They are 36″ tall and the gap between them and the ceiling will be covered with crown moulding. It’s amazing how much taller the room feels with full height cabinetry. I can’t wait until it’s done!

Neither can Lucy.

Hope all is well with you.


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