Thinking about…

sophisticated, neutral living rooms.

via house and home

It’s so much easier to fantasize about a beautiful, serene living room than deal with the fact that we still have to pack up the kitchen.

via House Beautiful

I think neutral upholstery is the best foundation for a living room. We have an Ikea Manstad sofa that is in desperate need of cleaning, but is really suited to our small space. What I love about all these rooms is how warm and personal they feel; not at all beige and boring. Our living room is feeling a little blah to me right now, even with our fancy schmancy new ottoman. I’m on the hunt for a few things to add a little warmth and color to it. Pulling inspiration from these photos, I’ve got my eye on a few things…

this (washable!) indoor-outdoor kilim rug

This brass lamp. Loving, loving, loving black lamp shades

and a few of these…Now that we took away the other coffee table, we need some toy storage.

Now, I’m not planning to run out and buy any of these things right away, but if I stumble upon them in my thrifty adventures I’ll be a happy camper. We are hunkering down this weekend and truly working on clearing some space in the basement so we can bring the old kitchen cabinets down there. The weather is supposed to be awful (winter’s last gasp? I hope so)and it will hopefully motivate us to get our inside space a little more put together. I hope you all have fun weekend plans!

kisses, H

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