bits and pieces…

Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on around here the last few days…

Windows and a new door got installed on the porch…

A certain someone is learning how to feed herself with a spoon…

The thrift gods have smiled upon us! A new wool blazer for me and two spring coats for the the little miss for less than $25 (!)

Best of all, a pair of 99 cent rain boots. She has been wearing them constantly in the house even though they are a size too big. hilarious.

That huge pile of boxes in the background is our new kitchen cabinets. I would love nothing more than to unwrap every single one and just admire them, but until we are ready to go ahead and install them, they will stay safe and snug in their cardboard cozies.

We don’t have a calendar date for our install yet. We’re mostly just waiting for the porch to wrap up so we can focus on the kitchen. More pics to come!

xo – H



2 responses

  1. Wow. Busy. The enclosed porch is a great idea – I’d love that in a home (with windows, that is)

    Your little one is gorgeous 🙂

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