Porch Progress

It’s coming together folks…

New footings were poured and new stringers were cut…

Gorgeous cedar treads were laid (then covered with plywood for protection during the rest of the construction)

Sean is amazing. He works in the cold with a smile on his face!

Down came the old beadboard ceiling. You can catch a glimpse of the new header above Sean’s head.

I love the new posts!

Sean added a box for a ceiling fixture.

Fresh new bead-board!

After some thought, we decided that this little brick bump out wasn’t doing us any favors. Installing the new door will be a lot easier without it and I think Pk had a good time getting rid of it. Once the ledge was out of the way, the boys got busy pulling up the old floor.

There was zero insulation under the porch. Just tar paper. No wonder our basement is so cold!

The subfloor wasn’t too bad so Sean cut new sleepers (why are they called that? Anybody know?) and added insulation.

He started laying the new floor, but took a break so Lucy could nap. I’m grateful. I’m gonna go look at flushmount porch ceiling fixtures now. Hope you all are well!

xx – H


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