The details…

I’ve been over on Pinterest, pinning and sorting through kitchen images like a mad woman as we hustle to make our design choices for the reno. Yesterday we ordered our countertops – Silestone quartz in Marengo

I was tempted to go with a black option they had, but it was $30 dollars more per square foot. yikes! I also saw this picture, which convinced me that the dark grey was the right choice.


We went with a basic ‘eased’ edge profile, which is the most simple option. It’s just a slightly softened square edge. We put Silestone in our old house and I love it. It’s totally impervious to stains and requires no sealing or maintenance, like granite. Again, Home Depot came through with a great deal so we saved about $400 bucks – bringing the cost of the counters and install to $2k. Now we just need to get a sink, faucet, new hardware, a garbage disposal, and a new pendant for over the sink.

Kohler cast-iron under-mount apron front sink

American Standard Pekoe Semi-Pro Faucet

and I’m torn between these two light fixtures…

I think the top one will coordinate better with the dining room fixture, but I love that edison bulb. Both from Home Depot.

I love these pulls that are on sale from Restoration Hardware.

We’ve decided to go with a clean white tile backsplash, but I’m debating about whether or not to do a greyish grout that would highlight the tile.


I’m leaning towards the white grout. Since we’ll be installing the tile, I don’t want to highlight any of our mistakes! I do love that the darker grout would hide stains though…

I feel like our plan is coming together but of course there will be tons of other things that come up. Hopefully we’ll get a delivery date for the cabinets so we can plan the demo and prep work. I can’t wait!

Hope you all are well.


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  1. AAAHHHH how fun, Helen! Thanks so much for letting us tag along. LOVE everything you’ve decided so far (and do really love that Edison bulb too!). Hope you’re having fun with all of this 😉

  2. Hi there! I just discovered your blog while googling for Magengo Silestone images. I, too, am renovating our kitchen and you have many of the same elements I am fond of. I’m wondering if you’ve installed the counters and if so, how did they turn out? I would love to see pics if you are willing to share! -Ashli

    • Hi Ashli – We haven’t had them installed yet, but our cabinets are being delivered tomorrow so it should only be another couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to update our progress. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Our cabs arrive tomorrow too! White shaker. We are doing a white subway tile backsplash. Still need to pick pendants and counter and hardware. Can’t wait to see your pics!

        Ps. I’m sure you know I meant Marengo! Maybe I will get around to blogging this crazy ride as well! Best of luck with the install!

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