I have a tiny confession.

The fridge isn’t the only thing I bought at Home Depot this week.

Any guesses?

all images via Canadian House and Home


I know I totally just posted that our kitchen wasn’t a huge priority right now, but while I was at the store buying our new fridge I asked a kitchen designer to price out our cabinets in the new-ish Martha Stewart line. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that they will cost only a smidge more than Ikea cabinets. Did I mention they are fully assembled? and delivery is free? The construction is really great too – solid wood drawer boxes with dovetailed fronts. Now I’m not totally knocking Ikea; we assembled and installed an Ikea kitchen in our old house and it looks fantastic, but the truth is, I just don’t want to deal with the assembly again, especially not with a toddler running around. Ikea also just didn’t have a white door style that I loved. We chose the Dunemere Collection from Martha’s line in the “Picket Fence” color (aka – white.)

Home Depot had a bunch of end of the fiscal year discounts too, like a free sink base and 10% off. and, gulp, $950 dollars off when you spend more than $5k. So our total came in at around $4900 after tax. Not bad at all considering we bought about 27 linear feet of upper and lower cabinets, end panels, filler pieces and crown moulding. Pk and I talked it over and realized that we could swing it financially, even though it changes our priorities in terms of house projects. Kitchens sell houses, right? right. Does anyone else get a little sick when they spend large quantities of money?

The 4-6 week lead time gives us enough time to prepare for what will be an inevitably hectic reno. The truth is, even though it’s kind of sudden, I’m really excited about redoing this kitchen. We’ve lived here for more than two years and when we first bought the house the kitchen was top on our to do list. Of course, life and having a baby kind of got in the way of that. There are so many things to choose! New countertops, a hanging pendant lamp over the sink, new hardware, a faucet, a vent hood, and a new microwave, just to name a few. At least we knocked the fridge off the list.

I’ll keep you posted…


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  1. oh so jealous!!! I want to get rid of our cabinets and redo our kitchen so badly (it’s not really that bad) just want to rearrange and add french doors to the deck…and yes i think it’s normal to cringe when you spend a lot of money in one shot!! Good luck with the reno project, i can’t imagine doing it with a toddler

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