So I went to Home Depot…

to return a rented jackhammer and buy a new air filter for our furnace. Instead, or rather, in addition too, I bought a new fridge! We got a sweet deal on an LG french door  floor model that we actually have in the kitchen of our old house. It was to good to pass up.

Here’s what we had before..

We bought this fridge when we first moved in  and weren’t ready to splurge on a higher end model. It will move out to the garage for now or maybe end up in the basement.

Here she is!

Sorry it’s a bit grainy – I’m not really up to the task of shooting a reflective surface  in low light. There are a few dings, but we got a GREAT price ( about half off) and in this house, nothing is too precious.  It’s quite likely to get a few more dings here.

In other project related news, our friend/contractor extraordinaire Sean has been slaving away on the new porch, pouring footings for the stairs

and as I type he’s demolishing a couple courses of brick to make room for the new door and window on the west side of the porch.


Hope you all are well, xx-H

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