California dreaming…

It’s probably the freezing cold weather, and the fact that I spent my morning getting cozy with my snowblower, but I am OBSESSED with this house, recently featured on Apartment Therapy. It’s warm, cozy, California-cool.

The tour is aptly named “Adrianna and Paul’s Eclectic Perfection.” It’s a small house, with fantastic bones. I mean, seriously. Look at that kitchen floor!

and the master bath. I die.

It’s full, full, full, of lush tropical plants. Plants that would wither and die if you whispered the words “Chicago in January” at them.

So many of the details of this house would look bizarre if you dropped them into our midwestern abode, but that’s what makes regional architecture/interior styles so varied and interesting. If I ever move to California I might stalk the owners of this house until they sell it to me or adopt me.

What’s keeping you warm these days? Our porch project is humming along, even though its a winter wonderland out there. More details to come.

xx – H

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