The 2012 List

It’s three weeks into the year and I’m realizing that we have a lot we’d like to accomplish on the house. I need to resist the urge to keep adding small projects and focus on the big things that will boost our home’s value and our day to day happiness. So, I’m letting it all hang out and showing you some serious ugliness. These are the spaces and projects that are screaming for attention at our little casa.

1. Enclose our front porch.

Luckily, this one is already in the works. Our front door opens right into the living room which during the winter, means getting blasted with cold air while we cuddle on the couch.  Adding windows and a door would give us a nice interstitial space to take off coats and boots. Also, Our house could use a tremendous boost in curb appeal as shown in this pic from the fall…

So even though it was freezing yesterday, our rickety non-code compliant front steps were demolished. Yay!

I promise that I’ll have lots more pics to come. We’re waiting on a new door and windows as well as new stairs to be built. I’m so excited about this project because I know it’s the first step in having a house that doesn’t scare people who walk by.

2. Dig out and finish the basement.

Speaking of scary, be warned, this picture is frightening.

Our basement was one of the first things that attracted me to to this house. It has huge windows into the (fenced) backyard that make it feel not very basement-y at all. It has existing plumbing for a bathroom and finishing it would be a big value boost for this tiny house. I think we need to rent a storage locker for all of our stuff!

Unfortunately the ceilings are only about 6’2 or so, which means digging out and maybe  underpinning our foundation. Also, if we can add a full bath in the basement we can have a bathroom to use while we…

3. Completely renovate the upstairs main bath.

The layout of this room is super-awkward because of some poorly placed heating ducts (behind the mirror). Hopefully, we can move those around a bit so we can actually have a family sized bath instead of a weird and useless hallway/dressing area. This picture is taken from the bathroom door. And yes, I’m wearing crocs. best house shoes ever.

I know you love that broken light fixture and that shiny brass hardware on the door. and the eighties stained glass sconce. awesomesauce.

4. We don’t really need to, but I would love to get new kitchen cabinets and countertops. No pics now, because truth be told, I’m too lazy to do the dishes and go grab my camera. What we have right now functions well, but they are truly builder grade white-foil covered-cheapy ugliness. The kithen reno is definitely low on the list though, because the existing layout works and since we bought new appliances when we moved in; we aren’t lacking too much in functionality.

I think it’s probably unrealistic to expect of all of these projects to get done this year. Mostly because that would be lots of consecutive huge expenses for us, but also because we don’t want to kill ourselves with projects.  It’s overwhelming just looking at that list! How about you all? Any major projects in the works for 2012? Am I totally crazy for showing my ugly house on the world wide interweb? Don’t answer that last one 🙂

xoxo – H


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