new artwork in the nursery

I almost hugged my mail-person today. Look what came!

It’s a personalized print from The Penny Paper Co. and I couldn’t  love it more. It’s so cheeky, and entirely true, that I couldn’t resist it. The Penny Paper Co. is an art and stationary company based in Toronto and owned and founded by designer Lindsay Stephenson. She also has an awesome blog that I follow where she chronicles the renovations of her gorgeous house and life with her super cute baby. Her designs are so fresh and adorable. I also got a fantastic personalized address stamp. Did I mention they’re affordable? Even with shipping to the states I feel like I got a fantastic deal on great art and got to support a fellow blogger. Yay!

I ran out to Target and got a frame that matches the others over the changing table. Looking at it in the pic makes me want to hang it just a tad higher. Can you tell I was eager to share? 🙂

While I was there I grabbed a new frame for the print from the Sycamore Street Press that’s across the room. It was in a thick black frame before.

Sorry for the goofy angles on these pics; I was trying to avoid the afternoon glare.

Way better, don’t you think?

Any projects going on at your houses? Lucy’s grandma is coming for a week long visit today so my burgeoning plan to do a little refresh in the upstairs bath is on hold, for now. More on that to come…

kisses – H

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