table talk

Remember this little guy that we picked up for $5 bucks on our thrifty excursion to Andersonville?

Well, it’s been refurbished and has found a new home in Lucy’s room.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I taped of the legs and gave the laminate top a few coats of semi gloss white spray paint, and then painted the legs with leftover chalkboard paint. I also sealed the top with a bit of spray-poly (which, by the way, is super stinky, so I had to let this guy air out outside for a couple days.) It’s great to have a place to set down Lucy’s books after we read stories at night and now her new nightlight has a home. It’s the OXO Tooli nightlight (I got it here) and it gives off a gentle glow when it’s lifted off it’s base. Lucy likes to hold it while we read stories and cuddle. So cute.

I’m scrambling to get the house ready for the Lucy’s birthday party this weekend. Pk has been out of town this week and is coming home this afternoon (yay!!!) What are you all up this weekend? Any house projects in the works?

smooches, H

2 responses

  1. Hi,

    I love the pipe table. Inspired me to build something similar to fit in a spot that we’ve been struggling to fill. Did you paint the pipe while it was assembled or did you disassemble, paint, re-assemble?



    • Hi Matt. I painted it while it was disassembled but since it’s kind of a rustic industrial look there’s lots of room for error! Just try to keep the paint away from the threaded ends so it doesn’t muck them up. Hope that helps!

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