Call me Mrs. Claus

the tree is up, and Santa came a little early here…


I got my new camera! I seriously cannot put this thing down. It’s a Canon Rebel 3ti. I love it to bits. Here’s some shots of my favorite ornaments…

I don’t really have the balls to shoot totally on the manual setting, but the great thing about this camera is that it has settings that give you the ability to adjust flash and iso settings, for example, while controlling your aperture and shutter speed. It’s kind of dummy proof for now, with room for more advanced shooting later.

I think the tabletop tree was a great decision. So far Lucy seems to only be admiring it from afar, rather than trying to scale the table to reach it.  The tree skirt is just a leftover bit of Marimekko fabric swirled around the base. I love love love the gold and silver ornaments too. All that glitz in one corner of the room is inspiring me to spruce up some other areas of our living space. Hopefully I can get things wrapped up by Lucy’s 1st birthday which is only a week away! What are you all up to this weekend? Any one else feel like they are doing last minute decorating? I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet!

xoxo, H

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