finding the perfect greige

so, because I’m a glutton for punishment devoted home-improver, I’ve decided to  paint the dining room before the onslaught of holiday entertaining and more importantly, Lucy’s first birthday party. I’ve wanted to paint this room for a while, but I’ve been putting it off. It’s really an eat-in kitchen, but I’m hoping a darker, more sophisticated paint color will give the dining area a little oomph.

So  today, Lucy and I ventured to Home Depot for  a few samples. I learned my lesson last time and invested in some of those awesome tintatble 4oz size sample pots. On top is Wheat Bread from Behr, below is Martha Stewart’s Bedford Grey, on the right is Castle Path, also by Behr. I was so camera happy I barely let them dry before I snapped a few pics.

I knew right away that Castle Path (on the right) was out. It’s much too olive-y . It’s amazing how different the samples look in different light. I slapped some test areas up by the wall that gets the most natural light. Bedford Grey on top, Wheat Bread on the bottom.

I think Wheat Bread (on the bottom) is the winner (for the record, I would never buy actual wheat bread that color; who comes up with these names?) I love the Bedford Grey, but it’s really dark.

I think it’s a great warm grey. Hopefully, little miss Lucy will nap long enough that I can get this done tomorrow. We definitely need a new window treatment in this room too, but one thing at a time. It feels so good to actually get something done around here. I think I’ve been a little uninspired lately, and over looking some obvious need to get done projects. There’s a lot in the pipeline so stay tuned. What are you all up to?



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  1. I think you are out of your mind to try to do this before the party, but you have made the right choice. Wheat Bread is warm and the others are too dark. I am surprised that you went for a greyish tone instead of a creamy color, but then I like the dining room white. But I like wheat bread the color. You’re right, the name sounds like something from the Gulag, or made from one of those weird grains like Sprung. Good Luck. We are going to James Avery on Sunday. Kiss Lucy for me.
    We are busy. Richard is opening the new store called Gold Rush, and tonight is the beginning of Christmas here so there is an open house at the library. Smooches.

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