Don Squirrelio returns.

So, I consider myself an animal lover. I’ve always had pets, enjoyed other people’s pets, and generally admired the animal kingdom in all its wonder. No longer.

Friends, I have reached my limit of animal loving. We have squirrels living in the roof above our second floor bathroom. Not just living, partying. All. Night. Long. These are some uppity mother truckers if I do say so myself. There is nothing more disconcerting than hearing a squirrel scratching at the drywall just next your head while you reach for the shampoo. We finally added an access hatch to our attic, so this weekend, without pity or mercy, we will be depositing a bucket of poison in the attic, in the hope that our furry friends will vacate the premises.

I know, I’m heartless, but we’ve already rescued them twice, by cutting  a HUGE hole in the wall of bathroom and leaving an open window to allow them to escape. The stubborn little bastards returned, and enlarged their entrance hole in our roof. Jerks. So I’m going to be cruel and use poison and quick dial a roofer to patch things up once they are gone.  Hopefully I’ll find some way  to patch up my guilty heart.

I much prefer this type of squirrel…

I spotted these mugs in this months Real Simple. They are ever so clever, and not too pricey for the animal lover on your gift list.

I think the fawn is my favorite. Porcelain perfection.

Find them here.

Have you had to deal with any furry infestations?



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