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So, obviously I have fashion on my mind. Today while browsing through the latest issue of La Petite magazine I was struck by this set of shots.

Now, this magazine bills itself as a fashion and lifestyle magazine for kids and parents, so I don’t know what I was expecting, but, um really? I’m all about  a healthy dose of adult style instead of overly child-like candy colored kids clothes, but the styling in these photos is too much for me. Number one, I really dislike seeing prepubescent girls in makeup. Number two, these shoots feel so dishonest to me. Kids don’t dress this way, and shouldn’t. I don’t want to dress my kids like pageboys from the movie Newsies and certainly not in artfully unlaced boots and fussy ascots. These girls look like they would grow up to be snippy hipsters who would walk around with battered copies of not-actually-read Hunter S. Thompson novels stuffed in their Birkin bags. yuck. kids should dress like kids.

These pictures look like a stylist who doesn’t have kids had too much time on their hands

Thankfully, there are tons of other sources for kid style inspiration. Like, Tea Collection.


and, begrudgingly (’cause it’s so darn expensive!) Crewcuts

Now, truth be told, most of Lucy’s clothes are hand-me-downs from generous and stylish friends, but we can dream. I like kids clothes that are designed for kids, not adult costumes that have been miniaturized.

Geez. Maybe I should get off my high-horse now and do some inneffective tidying and other housewifely arts. Where do you shop for kids clothes?



6 responses

    • Actually I liked the magazine quite a bit, just not those particular shots (also I should have clarified that some of the images were from your advertisers) Sorry to be a dark cloud- H

  1. I agree with your basic sentiment totally but must admit to liking the fashion-y shots a bit. Now, I’m not a mom and I AM a teacher at a Catholic school, but they seem inspired by school uniforms (suits/jumpers) to me. Particularly in other times and other cultures, unis have made kids look quite darling and neat. I’ll tell you that they don’t stop kids from being kids 🙂

  2. Hi Helen,
    No, you were definitely not a dark cloud… I really do appreciate your honesty! It really helps me with the next issue and how we can improve on it. We have themes that we work with for each issue, and then let the photographers know what kind of shoot. I don’t normally don’t specify no makeup or how to do hair etc. I should look into that for our next spring issue!

    Thank you so much for your input!

    Rachelle 🙂

  3. Helen,
    I’m a big fan of Tea things as well. Also, if you want to check out ridiculously expensive and beautiful (if you like classic) kid’s clothing, go to Pretty fun. I have yet to splurge, but I dream just like you…

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