mom style

Is that an oxymoron? For me it is apparently. I’ve lately been feeling an urge to bump it up a notch in the style department. I wasn’t exactly a style maven before Lucy came on the scene, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit, well, frumpy. Lucy doesn’t really care what I wear, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. I don’t think I’ll ever be s super snappy dresser, but I also don’t want to be featured on an episode of What Not to Wear. Not to say that my lack of style is a direct result of motherhood in any way, but it’s true that about 80% of my clothes are designed for ease of wear while nursing and/or stained from daily wear. The pragmatist in me demands clothes that are comfortable, cheap, and durable. The fantasist in me dreams of an unlimited wardrobe from J.Crew, Gap, and Anthropologie.



As it stands now, I get most of my clothes at Old Navy and my local Salvation Army. There are plenty of cute outfits to be made in my closet, or at least, cuter than the ones I’ve been wearing lately, but I haven’t been able to drum up the necessary effort to put one together. I feel like I need to get one of my super stylish friends (Annie-B, are you out there?) to come guide me through my own wardrobe. At the very least, I need to be less of a miser about buying quality clothes. I know there is a happy medium between practical and stylish, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

In a perfect world I would only buy the very best quality of basic pieces, but the truth is, I can never can remember that when I stumble upon ridiculous sales at said stores, and instead, I buy cheap stuff that needs to be replaced year after year. I think this post is turning into a New Year’s Resolution. Buy less, but better quality, and shop in my own closet. How do you all motivate yourselves to dress well? Do you ever feel like you need a second set of eyes when you get dressed in the morning? Also, doesn’t that waxed canvas tote make you swoon?



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