hi friends. Did you have a good weekend?

There was some – family time this weekend and, my fave, some much-needed ME time. On Saturday we hit up a couple of our favorite thrift stores in Andersonville.

The Brown Elephant

Brownstone Antiques

It was good pickings at both, but since we are trying to be thrifty we only picked up a few things.

Here’s what we didn’t get, but liked.

A pair of glass lamps – For $85 they were just a bit too spendy (especially since they need new shades), but they would be adorable bedside table lamps. Pk loved that clock, me not so much.

This pic really doesn’t do that table justice, damn Hipstamatic. The marble top was in perfect shape and I loved the base. I did not, however, love the price. At $150 bones it was way too rich for my blood, but someone will give that table a happy home, I’m sure.

We picked up some cool vintage melamine and milk-glass bowls and a cute retro side table for Lucy’s room.


The bowls and table were five bones apiece. Not bad eh? I especially love the one on the left.

That night I got to go out and see a show. without Pk, or Lucy. I compulsively checked my phone about a thousand times in case Pk needed me for something and it took me way too long to find a purse that wasn’t a diaper bag. Honestly, I felt lopsided while walking without carrying my baby, but all in all it was awesome to get out of the house and hear some REALLY good music. A good friend and I saw Gregory Alan Isakov and Fairchildren at Evanston SPACE.  I confess I felt a little bit unsocialized from all my time alone with my peanut. It took a little while to dust off my conversation skills and sparkling public personality, but I managed, somehow.

What were you all up to?



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