It’s raining, it’s pouring…

If today’s weather was a bedroom, it would look like this.

yum. Seriously, all I want to do is crawl back into bed, but Lucy has other plans. While my tiny Imelda Marcos sorts through all the shoes in the mudroom, I’ve been browsing through pics of amazing bedrooms. I’ve been thinking that this winter would be a good time to deal with one of our most ignored rooms – our bedroom. Hopefully these pics will inspire you too…

the leather bed. omg, it kills me. I think the only person who would love that bed more than me is Pk. such a lovely masculine room.




Let’s be honest. I have a big black dog and a husband who is part gorilla. I will never have a completely white bed, or carpet, but a girl can dream…



Lastly, if I have a bucket of kids, I would want them to sleep here… although the mom part of me would have to build some amazing custom bed rails.


All images – Elle Decor

Hope you all are doing something cozy and warm today. I think me and the dvr are gonna spend some quality time together during Lucy’s nap.

bugs and fishes,


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  1. Can I loan you a copy of my favorite favorite FAVORITE ‘colour’ book — Kevin McCloud’s Choosing Colour — too too simple — with dozens and dozens of “palettes” all keyed to totally accurate paint chips which are ALSO keyed to a pull-out catalogue of Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, & Glidden colors. LOADS of greyed / earthy / mossy / foggy / frosted / creamed palettes to choose from. I want to share!!!!!! [this book has painted three houses… I love it.] x

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