I covet this.

High –

Official Hudson’s Bay Wool 6 point Multi Blanket Queen  $460- via Woolrich


Low –
Pendleton Woolen Mills Glacier National Blanket Queen $208
Want. One. Badly.
I would love to have one of these for the guest room. The stripe is crisp and modern, but the blanket itself is super traditional. I would love to see this folded on a super tailored bed with dark gray linens. I’ll just pick one up, you know, cause I have so much extra money lying around…. Le sigh…..
I think that this piece is investment worthy though. I mean, it’s wool people. Nature’s wonder material. Flame resistant, hydrophilic, and warm.  It’s versatile enough to be worked into lots of different decor styles and could totally be worked into a kids’s room too.
I’m so excited that PK is coming home tomorrow. It’s been awfully quiet around here. Whenever he’s gone I have all these ambitious plans about projects I’ll accomplish ( I’ll paint all the interior doors! clean the garage gutters! repaint the porch steps!) and I basically do none of them (I’ll chase after an almost walking 10 month old while watching hgtv and doing endless loads of laundry! Maybe squeeze in a shower or two!)
I crack myself up. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Also, if you have a Hudson’s bay blanket tucked up in your attic and want to give it to me, I’d happily take it off your hands.

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