Did you see this?

I can think of many marriages that would benefit from this arrangement…The New York times article describes two Vermont artists who have a unique living arrangement. Two mostly separate houses, joined by a bridge. Makes me think of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera…


It wouldn’t work for me and Pk ( we are glued at the hip), but I do like the idea of each spouse having their own space within a home. Would this arrangement work for you?





2 responses

  1. Are you kidding? It would just be twice as much space to get our stuff cluttered in. It does sound kind of Freda Kalho-ish. Love, mom

  2. I met Helena Bonham Carter backstage about a year ago and she was describing her house with hubs Tim Burton as being two houses of their own with an adjoining bridge for the kids. Much more cabin like than this industrial take, but really such an interesting way of delegating space. Mm, and ya know what, I’m remembering that Dabney’s family’s cabin in Ontario hours from Bil-O-Wood is like that, too. Big log cabin adjoined to small log cabin ‘apartment’ with a second-story bridge! Awesome.

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