while you were sleeping…

And by you, I mean the baby.

So, while Pk and our good friend Sean were doing this –

I was doing this –

and building this

Our mud room got a coat of paint when we moved in, but we used leftovers and ended up with a color we didn’t love. This time we went with

Martha Stewart “nimbus cloud” color matched in Behr Premium Plus Ultra. Every other room in our house has Home Depot’s “Fresh Air” no VOC paint, but it’s no longer made. The Behr paint is “low” VOC, but definitely more stinky than the other paint. The Behr paint way out performed the Fresh Air paint though. By miles.

Better right? Obviously the paint looks much more green on the wall than on the chip. It’s always a risk when getting a paint chip color matched, but in this case I think the difference works in our favor. I love the way it looks with the slate floors. The trim, bench, and organizer are  bright white Behr Premium Plus Ultra in a semi gloss finish (there is truly nothing better than glossy white trim!)

I promise to get more pics when everything is truly done. I think I need another coat of trim paint and I definitely need to clean and seal the tile floors.   It’s amazing how slowly projects go while baby-wrangling… sigh.

Stay tuned friends –

xo – H

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