dig it.

We decided to make ourselves miserable dig up the old walkway to our garage.

We did it for two reasons – 1) the walkway has sunk over the years and provides a convenient basin for water to collect and 2) we need to bury electric and plumbing lines to the garage for MY STUDIO!!!

I’m super excited.

When we first purchased this house in December of ’09 the plan was for my ceramics studio to be in the basement. Fast forward almost 2 years and that hasn’t happened. After living with the basement a while we decided that the best way to improve the house would be to finish the basement so we could have some additional family room type space. Now that we have a little one it seems like an even better idea. I would love to get all the toys and baby gear downstairs so that we can have our living room back.

When we first moved in, the power lines to the garage were over head and extra sketchy so we (and by we I mean pk) removed them. Burying the lines is safer and gives us an opportunity to run some plumbing out to the garage for the studio. We have to dig down below the frost line so that the pipes won’t freeze – no easy task.

So pk is digging,

our dog Maya is supervising,

and Lucy is keeping a suspicious eye on them both.

Happy weekend!


p.s. sorry for the crappy iphone pics. I promise I’ll be a good blogger and get a nice dslr soon.

One response

  1. I love it. I suppose it’s inevitable, since verbal talents (and verbosity) run in the family. I especially like the headline pic of the hands. Keep it up.! Love, Mom

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